Filing a complaint


  • Customer reporting the complaint of product purchased in C&C Partners Sp. z o.o. is obliged to get acquainted with General Terms of Sale and General Terms of Guarantee
  • Every warranty claim receives its unique RMA number. RMA form, which constitutes the basis for warranty claims, is sent to the e-mail address provided during the registration of the complaint.
  • There can be items on one RMA document from one purchase document. Complaints regarding various purchase documents require a separate RMA.
  • The description of faulty product should be thorough. It will allow for faster verification of the damage, and consequently, will affect a faster resolved of complain.
  • If the complaint is related to the return of the goods, an RMA document should be attached to the shipment and the RMA-no should be placed on the package with returned product The shipping without RMA form will be returned to the customer at his expense.
  • Damaged products should be provided in package ensuring safe transport to: C&C Partners Sp. z o.o., ul. Wilkowicka 18a, 64-100 Leszno.
  • C&C Partners Sp. z o.o. shall not be responsible for any damages of products incurred during the transport.
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